Rose Danio Care (Danio roseus)

Rose Danio Care (Danio roseus)

“Rose Danio” by Lerdsuwa is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Common Name Rose Danio
Scientific Name Danio roseus
Alternate Names
Species Group Danios
Care Level Easy
Average Adult Size 1.5 inches / 38 mm
Maximum Adult Size 1.5 inches / 38 mm
Lifespan 5 years

Water Parameters

pH Temperature Hardness (GH)
6.0 – 7.5 64 – 77 F / 18 – 25 C 2 – 15 dGH

Note: These are the ranges tolerable for individuals of this species. Towards the middle of this range tends to be best for most species. However, keeping water parameters stable and consistent tend to be more important than hitting a specific number.


  • Swimming Level: Mid
  • Overall Aggressiveness: Peaceful
  • Aggressiveness Own Species: Peaceful
  • Aggressiveness Other Species: Peaceful
  • Ideal Number: 6+
  • M:F Ratio – 1:1
  • Live Plants: Yes


Diet Type: Omnivore
Food Preferences: Flakes

Food Recommendations

Variety tends to be key in promoting health of aquatic life. Along with the food preferences listed above here are the top three food Aquarium API recommends for this species. These are Amazon Affiliate links and purchases help support the site.

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Tank Setup

Substrate Any
Light Moderate
Water Current Low
Decorations Moderate
Minimum Tank Size 10 gallons / 37 liters

Note: The minimum tank size refers to the tank volume for the smallest ideal adult stocking quantity seen in the compatibility section. For a species that does not have a minimum number the tank size refers to the minimum for a single adult species.

Recommended Setup

Below are recommendations for setting up an aquarium of the minimum tank size for this species. These are Amazon Affiliate links and purchases help support the site.

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Additional Notes

This species is known to jump or escape from aquariums. It is recommended to have a tight fitting lid

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